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Latest Biotech Industry News

Bacteria Could Transform Paper Industry Waste Into Useful Products

Dr. Lindsay Eltis, a professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of British Columbia, and his team are studying how bacteria transform wood-derived compounds into useful chemicals.

Accelus Announces Opening of New Facilities in Colorado and California

These facilities supplement the Accelus corporate headquarters and flagship Accelus Clinical Education (ACE) lab in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Launches CFX Duet Real-Time PCR System

Bio-Rad Laboratories notes The CFX Duet System offers the robust thermal performance and proprietary, accurate optical shuttle system of Bio-Rad’s CFX Opus System, with thermal gradient functionality to enable optimization in fewer runs.

Lumenis OptiLight Wins 2022 MedTech Breakthrough Award: Best New Technology Solution for Ophthalmology

The win follows Lumenis’ MedTech awards for Best Overall Medical Device Company in 2021 and Best New Surgical Technology Solution in 2020.

ENPICOM Launches Versatile Display Aata Analysis Solution to Accelerate Antibody Selection While Maximizing Precision

The new IGX-Track App adds seamless analysis of antibody panning campaigns to the IGX Platform reports ENPICOM.

Aptamer Group and PinotBio Extend Their collaboration for Development of Optimer®-drug Conjugates

Aptamer Group and PinotBio will now work together to develop Optimer-drug conjugates as novel format ADC alternatives to four specified non-blood-based cancer biomarkers: Nectin-4, Tissue Factor, CEACAM5 and CD73

Calliditas Therapeutics Receives Positive CHMP Opinion in IgA Nephropathy

If confirmed by the European Commission (EC), Kinpeygo will be the first and only approved treatment for IgAN reports Calliditas Therapeutics.

Noteworthy Views & Opinions from Our Experts

Reduced Nicotine Content Cigarettes: A Bridge to Somewhere: By James A Mish Chief Executive Officer 22nd Century Group

Is willpower the answer to quitting cigarettes? Read what Chief Executive Officer James A. Mish of 22nd Century Group has to say.

Citius Pharmaceuticals Growth Strategy: Two Phase 3 Assets & Diversified Pipeline: By Leonard Mazur Chairman & CEO

Mr. Mazur provides details about Citius Pharmaceuticals, recent developments, and a great deal more. A must-read article.

Temporary Labs and Testing Clinics-The Covid Response from Flooring Manufacturer SelecTech

Thomas Ricciardelli, President of SelecTech: "While flooring is but one part of a temporary facility, it’s a critical one. And thankfully, the development of vaccines and better therapeutics have slowed the Covid pandemic down so temporary facilities aren’t needed. Still, it’s nice to know that in a time of crisis, there exists the resources—including flooring—to create these types of facilities in fairly short order." Read on.

Dr Juan Jofre PhD: The Growing Interest in Coliphages & Their Proven Effectiveness As Needed Viral Indicators In Water Quality Control

Dr Juan Jofre PhD writes, "In the late 1960s, it became clear that bacterial indicators used today to assess microbiological water quality are ineffective in predicting viruses' presence in water, sludge, or food matrices. Therefore, adequately detecting and monitoring viral contamination in aquatic environments became evident." Read what he has to say.

FDA Updates

Dimerix Reports FDA IND Approval for Phase 3 Study of DMX-200 in FSGS

FDA IND approved for ACTION3 Phase 3 clinical study, paves the way for patient recruitment in the United States reports Dimerix.

BioCardia Announces FDA Approval of Its IND for NK1R+ Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Treatment of Patients Recovering from Acute Respiratory Distress due to COVID-19

BioCardia notes the first part of the clinical trial will evaluate increasing doses of the NK1R+ MSCs and the optimal dose will be taken to Phase II in a randomized study in adult patients recovering from ARDS due to COVID-19.

Acquisitions & Mergers

Synexa Life Sciences Acquires Finnish CRO Syrinx Bioanalytics

The move is part of Synexa Life Sciences ongoing ‘buy and build’ growth strategy, aimed at building the global market leader in specialist biomarker and bioanalytical services.

Biotium Announces Acquisition of CAT5™ FFPE RNA/DNA Extraction Technology from Cell Data Sciences

RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ RNA/DNA extraction kits will be sold exclusively through the Biotium website and authorized distributors notes Biotium.

DCN Dx Acquires Microbiological Testing Products Company Biomed Diagnostics

DCN Dx advises the acquisition expands DCN Dx's footprint in the point-of-use testing and sampling markets in both human and veterinary verticals.

Genovac Acquires the Carterra LSA® Instrument to Enable State-of-the-Art Antibody Screening and Characterization Services

Genovac becomes Carterra’s 100th LSA placement throughout the world.


OncoHost Raises $35 Million Series C Funding Round to Launch Blood Test That May Rewrite the Standard of Care for Precision Oncology

OncoHost said the funding will go towards expanding OncoHost’s ongoing multicenter PROPHETIC trial.

Aspen Neuroscience Announces $147.5 Million Series B Financing

Will fund clinical trials of Aspen Neuroscience 1st iPSC-derived autologous dopamine neuron replacement for Parkinson's Disease.

FACIT Invests in OICR’s Groundbreaking Approaches to Integrated Drug Discovery & Cancer Informatics

FACIT notes the early-stage capital positions science and intellectual property for Ontario economic impact.

iXensor Receives Strategic Investment from Rohto Pharmaceutical with A Separate Technology Licensing Agreement

PixoTech® licensing shifted in as iXensor's new growth engine to meet self-testing strong demand in the post-pandemic era.

Clinical Trials, Studies, Data

PharmAust Reports New Australian Clinical Trial to Test a Cancer Drug to Treat Motor Neuron Disease

The Phase 1 trial will test the safety and tolerability of MPL in patients living with MND, and will look for signs that MPL can slow the progression of MND notes PharmAust.

The RSA Group Reports New Study Highlights Talent Needed to Grow the Biosimilars Sector

The RSA Group states the new report features interviews with leaders of biosimilars companies.

CymaBay Therapeutics Presents New Findings that Seladelpar Treatment of PBC Patients for Two Years Predicts Improved Transplant-Free Survival

Data were presented demonstrating that seladelpar treatment throughout 2 years resulted in a decrease in PBC GLOBE score and predicted improved transplant-free survival. Read more.

Executives on the Move

Dr Paul Brooks Appointed Chief Business Officer of CN Bio

Dr Paul Brooks is an experienced C-suite level executive with over 25 years in the life science industry building businesses

Maxim Biomedical Expands Sales and Marketing Organization

Stephen Sproul has joined Maxim Biomedical as Director of Sales and Marketing and Anthony Morrison will be stepping down from his role as Chief Commercial Officer but will continue working with the company in an advisory role.

Claudio Radossi Appointed President of Pharma Equipment Leader MG America

From 1995-2015, Claudio Radossi had served as MG America’s Director of Sales, before departing to take ownership of EMSE Corporation, a leader in medical air and vacuum systems for healthcare facilities.

Jeffrey M Leiden MD PhD Appointed Odyssey Therapeutics Board Chair

Jeffrey M Leiden MD Ph.D., is an industry leader with more than 40 years' experience in the biopharma industry.

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