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We pride ourselves on being the best-kept secret when it comes to distributing your news! Our unique digital approach enables us to circulate your news and products using creative marketing  strategies.

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Advertise with Biotechnology News Magzine. With all the technological advancements that have emerged within the past decade, it’s now easier than ever to take advantage of online advertising techniques to promote products or services that will have a direct and beneficial impact on your target demographic. This especially holds true when it comes to the biotechnology/medical fields, as these communities are dedicated to spreading and sharing information quickly in order to benefit colleagues and patients around the world.

The problem is that these medical professionals and their decision-makers are being inundated with so many emails, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, and even phone calls that it can be difficult to a) make sure you’re able to reach them and b) find a way to capture their attention so they can see the real benefit of and value in the product, device, or technology that you’re offering.

Our team has spent years developing a reputation for collecting and delivering viable and credible biotechnology industry news. Our subscriber base and online following have found us to be a trusted resource when it comes to the spread of this type of information, which is why we’re in a unique position to help you broaden your reach and enable your marketing efforts to have a more significant impact than they otherwise would. Contact us advmdn@biomag1.com

Our Marketing Packages Include

  • E-Newsletter Campaigns – Designed to reach the inboxes of professionals and specialists
  • Social Media Campaigns – We will broadcast your ad or information with a variety of tags and headlines, encouraging readers to visit our site to view your entire article.
  • Website Banner Campaigns – From banners and half-page ads to smaller rectangular or square ads, we’ll help you identify the right fit for you and do our best to get you placed on your exact page preference within our website.
  • With a variety of marketing packages for you to choose from – all at cost-effective rates – there is no simpler or more convenient way to reach medical professionals with your company’s latest device or technology.
  • Begin by emailing us directly here to request additional information. We’ll ask a few preliminary questions that will help us determine if you’re a good fit for our online publication, and then from there, we can help you determine which package is right for your specific article and release. Please also include any specific questions you might have about our process, publication, or company as a whole, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.
  • While it can be challenging to capture the attention of the right medical professional and interest them in learning more about what you have to offer, it’s not impossible. Our trusted team of experts makes it even easier. Reach out to us to get started.


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