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Axiom Presents “Unified Platforms: Rethinking Trial Planning and Execution” at Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland 2021

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Lytix Biopharma Announced Data from its ATLAS-IT-04 Trial

The ATLAS-IT-04 trial was an open-label, exploratory, Phase II trial assessing the effect of LTX-315 when used in combination with ACT in patients with metastatic STS. ACT with tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) is a potent treatment that can induce complete and durable tumor regression as documented in patients with melanoma. The use of ACT with TILs for patients with advanced STS has not previously been reported.

Telehealth Post Pandemic Concerns By Mark Kestner Chief Innovation Officer for MediGuru

The expression “desperate times call for desperate measures” aptly explains developments in the field of telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to serve those forced to stay in place by the pandemic, healthcare regulators made a number of concessions that loosened controls related to patient privacy and data security in an effort to boost accessibility. In essence, telehealth practices that were a concern prior to Covid were, for the sake of serving patients, deemed acceptable.

Alleviating Transportation Woes: Technology is likely a Silver Bullet, for the Transportation Industry and Beyond By: PJ Piper, Founder & CEO, Far UV Technologies

March of 2020 was a tipping point: The sudden and surreal realization of just how perilous the human journey can be, hanging by the thinnest of threads. While the world tried to understand what the Covid-19 pandemic meant for the future, billions of people immediately learned how easily dangerous invisible pathogens could upend life, literally on a dime.

Kymanox Announces First Kymanox Executive Advisor: Fran DeGrazio

Fran DeGrazio has over 35 years of experience in technical product development, quality, regulatory, marketing, and business strategy, serving most recently as the Chief Scientific Officer at West Pharmaceutical Services.

Axiom Real-Time Metrics (“Axiom”), the premier provider of unified eClinical solutions and services focused on small-to-medium life science organizations, will be exhibiting on June 8-9, 2021 at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials UK & Ireland virtual event.

Over two days, delegates and industry leaders will discuss common challenges and trends impacting the region, including steps for defining contractual relationships and getting the maximum from external providers, incentivizing good relationships with CROs and constructing defined deadlines.

On June 8, Axiom’s Heather DiFruscia, Associate Director of RTSM/IWRS and Brian Dempster, Senior Director of Global Clinical Management, will be presenting “Unified Platforms: Rethinking Trial Planning and Execution” at 2:50 PM EDT. This session will demonstrate the characteristics of traditional phased approaches for clinical trial planning and execution, highlighting new technology-driven approaches and the benefits of unified platforms.

“Instead of making the technology fit the traditional approach to trial design, powerful technology should enable a new approach to managing your trials,” Dempster says, “Unlike traditional methods that require a great amount of excel trackers and other manual work, a real-time, data-driven approach can handle ongoing data flow and allow different stakeholders of your trial to access study data instantaneously. The effectiveness of Axiom’s unified eClinical technology can offer greater visibility, accountability and awareness.”

“Unified platforms are excellent examples of continuous approaches empowered by technologies,” DiFruscia continues, “Traditionally, the phased approaches would identify risks and set triggers that use manual trackers and data reviews. But if you are applying the continuous approaches to a unified platform like Axiom’s Fusion eClinical Suite, the technology will identify trends before impact. Additionally, with all data continuously collected and monitored in a unified platform, you will also be equipped with three key solutions to yield benefits of considering technology in clinical trial execution and work, including risk management, monitoring, and eTMF.”

A live Q & A session with DiFruscia and Dempster will follow the presentation.

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