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Biotium Announces Acquisition of CAT5™ FFPE RNA/DNA Extraction Technology from Cell Data Sciences

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Abraham Verghese MD Appointed to the Board of Directors of Athos Therapeutics

"Abraham Verghese MD is a highly distinguished physician, humanist, administrator, and adviser," said Allan Pantuck, MD, MS, FACS, Chairman & CMO.

University of Nebraska Medical Center and ANANDA Scientific announce FDA approval of the IND for a Clinical Trial exploring Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The study will evaluate the effectiveness of Nantheia™ ATL5, an investigational drug-using cannabidiol in ANANDA’s proprietary delivery technology. An investigational new drug (IND) application for the trial has been approved by the FDA.

BRIM Biotechnology & Ora Announce New Partnership

BRIM Biotechnolgy notes the new partnership builds on the success of our previous collaboration for Phase 2 trials and will help to speed the progression of BRM421 through late-stage clinical development toward regulatory filing.

Cytel Designed & Led TOGETHER Trial Wins Society of Clinical Trial’s David Sackett Trial of the Year Award

TOGETHER trial has enrolled over 6000 patients in 22 research sites in Brazil.  It is now expanding to Pakistan and South Africa, Rwanda, DRC, and Vietnam.

Biotium, a supplier of cutting-edge life science reagents, is announcing the acquisition of Cell Data Sciences RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ kits for RNA/DNA extraction. Biotium, which previously distributed the Cell Data Sciences kits, will now be their sole manufacturer. The extraction kits will be offered from the Biotium website and authorized distributors.

Cell Data Sciences developed RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ FFPE extraction kits based on research initiated at Stanford University. The kits feature a novel CAT5™ catalytic technology for enzymatic reversal of formaldehyde crosslinking in FFPE tissue samples. This revolutionary technology offers higher yields of amplifiable nucleic acids from formalin-fixed samples compared to leading competitors’ kits. The increased yields of higher quality RNA/DNA allow for more robust results in downstream applications such as next-gen sequencing (NGS), RT-PCR, and microarrays.

All RNAstorm™ and DNAstorm™ kits will continue to use the Cell Data Sciences catalog numbers with revised product names. Biotium will also continue to offer the RNAstorm™ RNA extraction kit for fresh cells and tissues. This simple spin column-based RNA extraction kit offers higher yields than leading competitor kits (up to 120 ug RNA) from fresh cells and tissues in as little as 20 minutes. For customers who wish to extract DNA and RNA from the same FFPE sample, Biotium will offer a combination of both the DNAstorm™ and RNAstorm™ FFPE extraction kits at a discounted price when compared to purchasing each kit separately. See the catalog numbers, revised product names, and links to all product pages below:

CELLDATA RNAstorm™ FFPE RNA Extraction Kit (Catalog No. CD501)

CELLDATA DNAstorm™ FFPE DNA Extraction Kit (Catalog No. CD502)

DNAstorm™/RNAstorm™ Combination Kit for FFPE Tissues (Catalog No. CD503)

CELLDATA RNAstorm™ Fresh Cell and Tissue RNA Isolation Kit (Catalog No. CD504)

With this acquisition, Biotium grows its portfolio of technologies and products for molecular biology research. For RNA workflows, see our RNA research solutions page to learn more about Biotium’s products for RNA gel staining, RNA quantitation on Qubit® or microplate reader, and RNase decontamination. Also see our technologies for DNA quantitation and qPCR .

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