Saturday, December 3, 2022


Biotechnology News Magazine


World’s 1st Saliva-based Pregnancy Test Set to Arrive in Stores in Europe, South Africa, and Israel in Q1-2023

With SaliStick, a pregnancy test can be done anywhere and at any convenient time. The product is very simple, easy to use, and delivers accurate results in a few minutes.

Gates Biomanufacturing Facility Announces Manufacture of Recombinant Protein – Alzheimer’s Disease Vaccine for Institute for Molecular Medicine’s Clinical Trials

IMM selected Gates Biomanufacturing Facility as its exclusive cGMP-grade BDS manufacturing partner supporting clinical supply for IMM's recombinant protein vaccines, including AV-1980R. As a result of this work, AV-1980R Drug Substance can be used for phase 1 and phase 2 clinical trials in humans.

Atarraya and BiomEdit Announce Research Collaboration to Increase Sustainability of Shrimp Farming and Improve Global Food Security

“The findings from this research project will help Atarraya to increase the production output of shrimp farming while reducing costs and improving sustainability. Together, we are making shrimp the most sustainable protein choice in global food production.”

NFL Biosciences: New Patent Applicaiton Associating NFL-101 with Other Smoking Cessation Treatments

NFL Biosciences intends to demonstrate the benefits of associating NFL-101 with other smoking cessation treatments and particularly nicotine replacement therapies: with the launch of dedicated clinical trials,

Basilea Pharmaceutica Announces Sale of Preclinical Oncology Program to Twentyeight-Seven Therapeutics

Under the terms of the agreement, Basilea Pharmaceuticawill receive an upfront payment of CHF 1 million and potential near-term milestone payments of CHF 2 million.

GenXys Partners with Manchester University for Pharmacogenomics Education

Together, GenXys and MU will help drive global awareness and education of PGx-informed prescribing decisions in support of expanding PGx adoption and pending legislation in the U.S., including the Right Drug Dose Now Act.