Saturday, December 3, 2022


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BioAscent introduces the Compound Connect interface to connect drug discovery customers with their compounds

Compound Connect both streamlines the ordering and tracking process – by eliminating possible miscommunications and delays due to different time zones – and uniquely enables customers to order solutions and assay-ready plates directly from their inventories.

Quantum Science Partnership Puts Academic Expertise at the Heart of Cutting-edge Nanomaterials Research

The joint project, funded by Innovate UK, will see the team at Quantum Science work alongside academic experts on a postdoc level that will ensure the company can continue to push the boundary of what is possible in quantum dot devices.

PhoreMost Enters Multi-target Collaboration with Targeted Protein Degradation Leader Arvinas

Under the terms of the agreement, PhoreMost will receive research funding and will be eligible for pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial milestones.

Ardigen Supports JUMP-CP Consortium Scaling Up Image-based Drug Discovery with the World’s Largest Public Cell Painting Dataset

Ardigen’s primary scope of research within the JUMP-CP Consortium is aimed at improving the predictive power of the JUMP-CP data by expanding the applicability domain of machine learning models that predict assay activity based on Cell Painting images.

Argá Medtech Initiates First-in-Human Trial to Assess the Safety and Effectiveness of Coherent Sine Wave Electroporation in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation

Argá Medtech advises the study is designed to test the acute safety and efficiency of the Argá Medtech CSE Ablation System in the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AFib). The first five patients, four with paroxysmal and one with persistent AFib, were successfully treated by Dr. Giorgi Papiashvili with support from Dr. Ante Anic, at the Healthycore Medical Center in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Clinical Research Opportunities in China and the Path to USFDA Approval – Whitepaper

The report was prepared for international biotechs considering China for their clinical research, as well as China biotechs conducting research in China, and the relevant processes required for USFDA approvals.