Saturday, December 3, 2022


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Strategies to Keep Pace Amid Rapid Changes in Drug Development – By Jeff Souza, President and CEO of BioBridges

Pharmaceutical companies are weathering rapid changes in drug development driven by upstream issues, downstream issues, and recently, the management and acceleration of programs during a worldwide pandemic. Read on.

The Promise & Pressures of Biologics R&D By Christian Olsen, Dotmatics

Biologic drugs have increasingly delivered treatments for cancer and rare diseases and continue to prove effective in other wide-ranging areas, from neurological and metabolic disorders to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. But along with the incredible potential biologics offer, there is also great pressure to discover and deliver novel treatments quickly and cost-effectively.

The Promise of a Scientific Informatics Platform: By Michael Swartz, SVP Enterprise Product Strategy at Dotmatics

The promise of a platform is to enable global collaboration, workflow support, consistent regulatory compliance, and optimal decision making. There is an underlying assumption that “one platform” will enable these things. But how, and what is it precisely? Read on to learn more.

Avoiding the Pervious Pitfalls of a Drug Launch

George Litos and Ken Edwards provide their expert views on how digital transformation can help mRNA companies overcome sales, marketing, and supply chain challenges for a therapeutic launch. A must read.

How AI is Democratizing Biotechnology Publishing By Neeraj Sanghani Business Head of Products at Paperpal

Neeraj Sanghani, Business Head of Products at Paperpal, CACTUS, discusses this linguistic injustice and how it can be addressed.

The Predictive Power of Functional Motion: By Dr. Frank Fornari, Chairmain and Founder, BioMech Labs

Dr. Fornari writes, "Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile technologies, and real-time interactive biofeedback have made it possible to capture motion data in clinical and real-world settings and deliver precise, accurate and reproducible therapeutic assessments and treatments that stratify risk, improve outcomes, and increase the efficiency of the healthcare delivery system.