Tuesday, May 30, 2023


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Scipher Medicine Increases Patients Access for Prisma by Expanding Intended Use in Autoimmune Patients

Close to 90% of patients with RA who fail methotrexate, are prescribed tumor factor necrosis inhibitor therapies – like Humira- in a wait-and-see approach that lasts about 3-6 months. But most patients don’t respond to TNFi – forcing them to stay on therapy unnecessarily, while their disease progresses. PrismRA is the first blood test which predicts an inadequate response, so that patients can start other therapies right from the start – or now with expanded use, at any point in their therapeutic journey. PrismRA can reduce the cost of care by more than $19,000 per year per patient by avoiding ineffective therapies they don’t respond to

STIMULAN® Data Presented at the MSIS 31st Annual Open Scientific Meeting 2021

Research findings from two studies demonstrate the antimicrobial effectiveness of STIMULAN when mixed with antibiotics. STIMULAN is the first calcium matrix to receive European approval as an antibiotic carrier for use in bone and soft tissue.

BGN Technologies Introduces New Method for Identifying Bacteria and Their Susceptibility to Antibiotics

Novel technology, based on infrared spectroscopy, can accurately determine identity of pathogens and their susceptibility to antibiotics resistance in 30-40 minutes, directly from urine sample of patients.

Antengene Announces the Approval of First-in-Class Oral XPO1 Inhibitor Selinexor in South Korea for the Treatment of Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma and Diffuse...

Selinexor's novel mechanism of action which is based on the selective inhibition of the nuclear export protein XPO1, is different from that of all  currently approved therapies.

Basilea Announces U.S. FDA Orphan Drug Designation Granted to Lisavanbulin for the Treatment of Malignant Glioma

Dr. Marc Engelhardt, Chief Medical Officer, commented: “The Orphan Drug Designation of lisavanbulin by the U.S. FDA is an important milestone for the development of lisavanbulin. Glioblastoma is associated with a poor prognosis and there are only very limited therapeutic options available.

Biogen and Eisai Announce ADUHELMTM (aducanumab-avwa) Data Presentations at Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2021

Biogen (Nasdaq: BIIB) and Eisai Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) today announced that Biogen, as part of its Alzheimer's disease (AD) research portfolio, will contribute...