Tuesday, May 30, 2023


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T2 Biosystems Announces Commercial Expansion Through Distributor in Baltic Region

Under the terms of the agreement, T2 Biosystems will sell T2Dx® Instruments, along with T2Bacteria®, T2Candida® and T2Resistance® Panels through the distributor.

Dolomite Bio launches Nadia Go

This new system from Dolomite Bio, combines the microfluidic technology underlying their Nadia Instrument, with the customisable parameters of the Nadia Innovate, granting access to the custom microfluidic protocol development without the necessity of large capital outlay.

Hedera Dx Raises €14 Million in Seed Funding to Accelerate Global Adoption of Liquid Biopsies

Hedera Dx will now be launching a blood-based solution that radically streamlines the process of finding the right regulatory-approved therapy for each cancer patient, enabling hospital labs to run clinically actionable liquid biopsies in-house.

Eisai and Merck & Co. Present Results from Phase 3 LEAP-002 Trial Evaluating LENVIMA (lenvatinib) Plus KEYTRUDA (pembrolizumab) Versus LENVIMA Monotherapy in Patients With...

In the final analysis of the trial, there was a trend toward improvement for one of the study's dual primary endpoints, overall survival (OS), for patients treated with LENVIMA plus KEYTRUDA versus LENVIMA monotherapy; however, the results did not meet statistical significance per the pre-specified statistical plan (HR=0.84 [95% CI: 0.71-1.00]; p=0.0227).

German Innovation In Cervical Cancer Diagnostics Now Available in China

The cervical cancer diagnostics test GynTect is now available to physicians and patients in the world's most populous country. The product is the first approved methylation test for triage of HPV-positive cases in China. GynTect was developed by oncgnostics GmbH and is already approved in Europe.

Akero Therapeutics Reports Study Published in JHEP Reports Shows Efruxifermin Rapidly Improved Fibrosis in Cirrhotic NASH patients After 16 Weeks of Treatment

“These encouraging results reaffirm our confidence in Efruxifermin as a potential foundational monotherapy for patients with NASH, including those with advanced-stage fibrosis,” said Kitty Yale, chief development officer of Akero Therapeutics.