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Essentra Tapes Bolsters Global Sales Operations with Raft of New Appointments

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The market leader in easy-open and reclose tape solutions, Essentra Tapes, has boosted its global operations with a raft of new appointments across its sales team around the world.

The appointments come as the post-pandemic packaging sector is buoyant, seeing heightened demand for enhanced direct-to-consumer packaging to fulfil the needs of increasingly eCommerce-focused brands. Essentra Tapes is facing high demand as brands and converters seek to improve their packaging offer with a memorable, frustration-free opening experience.

Welcoming the new appointments, Christopher Morgan, Global Sales Director at Essentra Tapes, said: “As the packaging sector is seeing increasing demand, we are seeing an explosion of interest in our innovative tape solutions. With our industry being so competitive at the moment, particularly in terms of direct-to-consumer eCommerce packaging solutions, converters and brands know that the opening experience is a key driver of repeat business.

“We are delighted to welcome so many new members to the Essentra Tapes eam to help us provide excellent service to all our customers, new and old. We are seeing particular spikes in demand across the APAC region for all of our tape solutions – not just easy-open tapes, but reclosing and authentication tapes, too. But generally, our global operations are all scaling up, which is good news for all our customers worldwide.”

The appointments include new regional sales managers in the USA, Brazil, and APAC region, along with other hires in the EU team. One of the key aims of the company is to drive continued growth in its tape applicator business. Morgan added: “Web and sheet feed applicators are key to our growth, and to the growth of our converter customers. It’s an exciting time for our business, as the applicator business is already growing rapidly, and we expect our talented new sales managers to take that growth to the next level.”

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