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HepaTx Announces the Issuance of US Patent entitled “Methods and Composition for Producing Hepatocyte-Like Cells”

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Cytel Designed & Led TOGETHER Trial Wins Society of Clinical Trial’s David Sackett Trial of the Year Award

TOGETHER trial has enrolled over 6000 patients in 22 research sites in Brazil.  It is now expanding to Pakistan and South Africa, Rwanda, DRC, and Vietnam.

HepaTx reports the US Patent Office (USPTO) has granted HepaTx patent number 11291691 covering the company’s technology to manufacture hepatocyte-like cells to treat liver disease.

The patent titled “Methods and Composition for Producing Hepatocyte-Like Cells” covers critical composition of matter claims for hepatocyte-like cells manufactured from adipose-derived stromal cells.

The company’s approach to develop an off-the-shelf cell therapy to treat patients with serious liver disease is unique in that HepaTx does not genetically modify their cells, it uses adipose tissue as a starting material and is scalable to meet expected future demand. Unlike other liver therapy companies, HepaTx’s novel technology does not rely on cadaver liver tissue donations.

HepaTx is a biotechnology company focused on innovative off-the-shelf cell therapies to treat late-stage liver disease. The company also recently announced the issuance of a composition of matter patent in Japan. The US patent not only provides protection for HepaTx’s technology, but it further strengthens the company’s extensive patent portfolio.

“This patent protects HepaTx’s unique approach to manufacturing Hepatocyte-like cells and builds on our recent patents issued in Japan and other regions. These patents reflect our ability to execute on the pillars of our corporate strategy, one of which is to create additional value by strengthening and expanding our IP estate,” said Salah Kivlighn, PhD. CEO of HepaTx.

HepaTx is a cell therapy and regenerative medicine company developing new types of stem cell-based treatments for patients with late-stage liver disease, a highly underserved and cost intensive market. HepaTx’s proprietary process, licensed from Stanford and well protected by licensed IP, differentiates adipose stromal cells into functional hepatocyte-like cells.

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