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Menopause: A New Beginning, Not The End – and New Technology is Here to Help – By Dr. Julianne Arena, MD, FACOG, ABAARM

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The thought of menopause is daunting for most women. What comes to mind? Unwelcome symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, hormonal surges, and mood swings. Even more alarming, studies show that symptoms of menopause bring sexual discomfort to about 50% of women.

Let’s Change the Dialogue

However, we can change the dialogue on women’s health and well-being. We can’t determine whether we menopause or not, although the symptoms experienced by women can be vastly different (and some have an easier time than others). What we can choose, however, is our perception of it and decide to see menopause as a natural progression. As a doctor, I help encourage women to see it as a new beginning because there ARE upsides! It’s vital to help women learn to embrace it and embrace what they can do to get through it (somewhat) smoothly.

The first hurdle is an open and honest conversation; many women resign themselves to thinking they have to live with the painful changes that come with menopause, like sexual dysfunction and loss of orgasms. It’s embarrassing to talk about, or they get scared away by the thought of lasers, surgery, needles, and probing. Sharing new technology with patients like Cliovana normalizes female sexual wellness and helps patients know that solutions are easy, safe, and painless.

New Technology for Sexual Dysfunction

With so much emphasis on men’s sexual pleasure in the past, now it’s the lady’s turn. Lasers, surgery, and medication, within clinical trials coming down the pipeline, are helping women live fuller sex lives – menopause and beyond.  With huge upsides come downsides, like the probing and recovery time that comes with surgery, the chance of infection, bruising or bleeding that can come with lasers, and the side effects that can come with prescription medication.

Enter Cliovana.

Sounds Wave Technology that Stimulates the Body’s Natural Processes

Sound waves, which were once used to treat erectile dysfunction, are now being used by Cliovana, the first gentle, non-invasive, patented treatment to help women enjoy physical intimacy. It uses soundwave technology to boost the process of regenerating cells in the genitals. The result is heightened sensation, frequency, and strength of orgasms and increased long-term sexual responsiveness.

Sound wave technology has been used for decades all over the world for a variety of health issues. And the application of these technologies for clitoral stimulation has evolved from years of experience with penis tissue. Cliovana uses the technology to encourage the growth of new nerve endings and blood vessels in the clitoris.

The Benefits of Cliovana: Time and Ease

Cliovana is 100% non-invasive and designed to work without needles, probes, lasers, numbing creams, freezing, or surgery for zero downtime.

There are four gentle treatment sessions targeted at the clitoris and surrounding areas.

Week #1: Two under 10-minute sessions

Week #2: Two under 10-minute sessions

The under 10-minute process includes three gentle steps:

  • Step 1: Cupping provides a mild pulsing suction that draws the blood to the surface in preparation for soundwave treatment.

  • Step 2: Acoustic soundwaves are transmitted through one of the two transmitter heads, and they are responsible for enhancing revascularization and neurogenesis of the clitoris.

  • Step 3: The second transmitter head uses a combination of vibration and soundwaves to help calm the area and allow it to take in the full effect of the treatment.

Cliovana treatments consistently result in heightened sensation, frequency, and strength of orgasms. The results are often felt immediately and intensify over a period of three months. Best of all, these effects last for a year or more and can be sustained with an annual revitalization session of two 10-minute treatments.

Personally, Cliovana has been a game-changer for my clients struggling to get back to satisfying sex.

Comments from Cliovana patients include: “It was way simpler than I anticipated… you don’t even know (the treatment) is going on.”


“The results are very beneficial to my sex life.”

Practitioner Rachel Cabrera of Bella Vita Healthcare says, “It’s made such a difference in offering women choices. It’s something that your own body does, is simple and easy, and really enhances orgasm, and works on the function of blood flow and oxygenation.”

Let’s all continue to help menopausal and post-menopausal women flip the switch on what life looks like post-menopause. It’s a multi-layered approach – and with the aid of current unique innovations – like Cliovana, I know that every woman can find a path to passionate sex no matter her age.

Dr. Julianne Arena, MD, FACOG, ABAARM is a double board certified physician, educator, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and certified Cliovana specialist. She received her undergraduate degree at Harvard University and graduated from Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Arena believes we are biologically hardwired for intimacy and connection, and her passion is women’s sexual health and intimacy and looking at it with a multi-layered approach.

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