NanoCellect Biomedical, a leader in the development of cell sorting, announces the virtual launch, scheduled for May 18, 2021, of the WOLF G2 Cell Sorter, the newest addition to NanoCellect’s family of products.

The WOLF G2 features simple and sterile cell sorting. This versatile system is ideally suited for use in cutting-edge research in academic and biopharma laboratories involved in single-cell genomics, gene editing, cell line development, immunology, infectious diseases, and general cell enrichment.

“At NanoCellect Biomedical, we are focused on three key areas to scale the reach and impact of cell sorting: 1) enabling breakthrough single-cell research, 2) accelerating wide adoption of cell sorting, and 3) delivering fundamentally enabling technology innovations,” said José Morachis, President and Co-Founder at NanoCellect. “The WOLF G2 Cell Sorter will help to accelerate the adoption of cell sorting and enable individual labs, core labs, startups, and large biopharma to perform high-intensity, single-cell applications using our industry-leading cell sorting technology.”

The original WOLF Cell Sorter has grown in popularity because of its small footprint, easily fitting on a laboratory benchtop or inside a tissue culture hood. Due to its low-pressure microfluidics, the instrument is gentle on cells compared to most traditional cell sorters that can damage sensitive samples. The sterile and disposable cartridges are well suited for infectious disease research, such as COVID-19, to eliminate sample cross-contamination and reduce the risk to lab technicians when working with bio-hazardous samples.

The second-generation WOLF G2 has maintained those same benefits while increasing the number of lasers and fluorescent channels used for sorting. It can be used for a broader set of scientific applications such as infectious diseases, immunology, and immunophenotyping. The new instrument has kept the compact design but includes numerous improvements such as the inclusion of two lasers and up to nine fluorescent detection channels for a total of three instrument configurations. The WOLF G2 uses the same microfluidic cartridges that sort cells with low pressure; ensuring cells remain healthy with no stress throughout the sorting process. With sterile microfluidic disposable cartridges, the instrument is very low maintenance, affordable, and easy to operate.