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How Levelling Up Your Opening Experience Can Revolutionise Your Packaging Offer

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The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it a permanent shift in the way we shop. The gradual slide towards eCommerce rapidly snowballed into a seismic change, with the market now demanding direct-to-consumer packaging in greater volumes with a heightened focus on inclusivity and the circumstances of the consumer.

In order to cater to this new landscape, converters and brands must work to provide more robust direct-to-consumer packaging that is more than just a waste product that goes in the bin. By providing a more inclusive, consistently excellent opening experience, companies can take advantage of this new-look marketplace to build engagement with their consumers through the opening experience.

Turning negative experiences into excellent ones

Struggling to open a tough blister pack or excessively sealed box is something that everyone has experienced at some point. Depending on the circumstances of each individual, the problems this causes can range from causing mild inconvenience to making daily life impossible. No company, brand or converter, wants to make its products literally inaccessible to a single member of its consumer base. By not considering inclusive opening systems at the start of the design process, though, this is exactly what many companies do.

It is a well-known adage that first impressions are vital. The first impression any consumer has when using your product is opening its packaging. If that first impression is in any way negative because the consumer cannot even open the packaging, they are unlikely to re-engage with your brand. This applies to any product across any sector – it’s a universal constant.

Another well-known adage is that you can’t please everyone – however, when it comes to easy-open packaging, this one isn’t quite true. By levelling up their packaging with everyone’s opening experience in mind, brands and converters can, in fact, please everyone.

Innovation that benefits everyone

Research commissioned by Essentra Tapes found that over 70% of consumers had recently experienced packaging that they found to be frustrating at the time of the survey. 57% of those felt that packaging being too difficult to open was the most frustrating factor – the number two cause of frustration, narrowly behind there being too much packaging (58%). Despite the gradual shift towards easy-open technology in recent years, there is still work to do in order to satisfy the vast majority of consumers. By narrowing their scope to focus on the opening experience when designing packaging, converters and brands will paradoxically find the scope of their offering expands, improving their product offer for everyone. Easy-open packaging doesn’t just satisfy the majority of consumers who find their packaging too frustrating – it will enhance the experience of the rest of your consumers, too.

Tapes – a universal inclusive solution

To make inclusive packaging that truly works for everyone, the packaging cannot simply be functional – it must be desirable, too. That means no compromising on the integrity or quality of the packaging. Achieving this across any material or substrate while maintaining consistently excellent results is challenging for manufacturers and converters seeking to meet the demands of their clients. Nobody will be satisfied by a pack that falls apart before it is supposed to.

A universal solution that provides quick, clean tears across paper, board, flexible packaging, and film seals is easy-open tape. Tape provides a more consistent tear than traditional perforations and does not compromise the integrity of the packaging when applied, making it the premier easy-open solution.

This innovation is what Essentra Tapes is built on. Using light weight, narrow, single ply polymers, our trademark RippaTape (for paper and board cartons) and SupaStrip (for plastic and film applications) can be printed in a variety of colours and can be used to carry messages. This allows you to make your easy-open strips a distinctive, vivid colour to aid those who might struggle to find the opening strip. It can also carry opening instructions, diagrams, safety messages, or any other useful information to make your packaging more accessible for everyone.

Excellent packaging must be intuitively designed to deliver the same experience to all consumers, regardless of their background. By adding something as simple as a 23-125µm film tape on the production line, you can revolutionise your packaging offer.

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