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Precipio Launches its Rapid COVID-19 Antibody test on Amazon Platform

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Precipio, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRPO), announced that it has successfully launched its COVID-19 rapid antibody test (20 minute) which tests for both IgG & IgM antibodies, on’s business platform.

Precipio holds the exclusive rights to distribute this product on Amazon’s platform. The antibody test, which is manufactured in the USA by Nirmidas Biotech, of California, was the first US-based test to receive emergency use authorization (EUA) by the FDA for point-of-care.

The product is visible for sale on Amazon’s website and app, per the EUA approval received for the test kit in December of 2020; however it may currently be purchased only by qualified medical point-of-care (POC) providers. Physicians and other medical facilities may now purchase these items directly from Amazon, and receive them within 2 business days.

Clinical Utility of the COVID-19 Antibody Test

The purpose of this test is to identify the presence of antibodies that have been developed after the person has been exposed to the virus, or has been vaccinated. Antibodies are the body’s natural biological response to an infection or vaccination, and their development begins the body’s process of building immunity to protect against future infections.

There are two key important benefits to knowing if an individual has antibodies. First, individuals unknowingly infected or those who know they were infected can determine if they now have those antibodies. For those who are deliberating whether to get vaccinated, this test presents a tool that can provide additional information to make that decision. Secondly, individuals who have been vaccinated can use the test to inform whether the vaccination was successful and if the antibodies measured have persisted over time.

“We are very excited to be working with our partner Nirmidas to get this important rapid test on the largest retail platform in the world,” said Ilan Danieli, Precipio’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to working with other retail outlets, as well as with Nirmidas to advance this product into at-home use, following the receipt of appropriate FDA authorization”.

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