Tuesday, October 4, 2022


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PubHive Helps Safety & Vigilance Teams Harness Signal Workflows

PubHive Ltd., a cloud-based software company, today announced the immediate availability of a new product safety signal solution inside PubHive Navigator™, the company’s subscription-based workflow automation platform for scientific literature and information.

Designed as a more efficient alternative to popular office applications and a flexible, complete, and affordable alternative to other software solutions in the online marketplace, PubHive Navigator’s safety and vigilance platform module Pulse now supports signal surveillance and detection, assessment and validation, management, data integrations, scheduling, document management, reporting, and analytics.

“Safety and vigilance teams have limited options today for managing safety signal workflows and information across various data sources, with most solutions being too manual, too rigid or incomplete,” said Raj Vaghela, President and CEO at PubHive Ltd. “With PubHive Navigator’s Pulse module, PubHive has pioneered a fresh new AI-powered alternative that is highly automated, flexible, comprehensive and fit-for-purpose. Life science companies of all sizes can now rely on PubHive Navigator as one-stop safety and vigilance platform to complement their safety case management systems, or simply leverage the platform’s a la carte workflow automation tools to fill any niche gaps they may have in the technology stacks related to signal management, aggregate reporting, or scientific literature management.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines ‘Signal’ as “Reported information on a possible causal association between an adverse event and a drug, the relationship being unclear or incompletely documented previously.” There are multiple sources that life science companies and marketing authorization holders (MAHs) must monitor for product safety signals, including spontaneous reports, clinical studies, and scientific literature. Signal management processes involve the detection of potential product safety signals plus evaluation, prioritization, and communication of such signals.

PubHive Ltd. is a cloud-based software company with a mission to make healthier scientific literature and information pathways for life science companies across all stages of the commercialization lifecycle – from discovery to post-market. PubHive Navigator, the company’s AI-powered scientific workflow automation platform, optimizes existing business processes and automates repetitive work for teams in safety and vigilance, medical affairs, research and development, information management, and other divisions. PubHive Navigator’s safety and vigilance platform module Pulse features powerful workflow and information management capabilities for product safety signals, and scientific literature.


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