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Scitara Corporation Announces Version 1.0 of its Scitara Digital Lab Exchange (DLX™) SaaS Cloud Platform

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March 10, 2021

Scitara Corporation notes version 1.0 of its Scitara Digital Lab Exchange (DLX™) SaaS cloud platform dramatically advances the state of data connectivity and automation in scientific laboratories.

Combining the benefits of modern cloud-based architecture with a vendor-neutral peer-to-peer platform with robust security, compliance, and laboratory-specific functionality, Scitara DLX™ changes the equation in life sciences laboratories by speeding up accessibility and sharing of data, delivering greater scientific productivity, enabling cross-functional data collaboration and providing scientific insights for further decision making.

Today, laboratory instrumentation and application capabilities continue to increase dramatically in scope and utility, but at the same time, the state of laboratory integration has not changed in over 20 years and point-to-point solutions continue to dominate the landscape. Over time, these point-to-point connections have grown more complex, increasingly challenging to maintain, and expensive to support. As a result, modern day multi-modal laboratories with diverse best-of-breed solutions are not able to fully leverage the value of increasingly sophisticated and otherwise valuable laboratory innovations.

“The life sciences industry faces unusual survival challenges today in terms of accelerating time to market to remain competitive in a heavily regulated environment,” said Ajit Nagral, CEO of Scitara. “Modern laboratories find themselves today in a digital transformation journey, with conflicting realities of greater complexity, more data, increased regulatory scrutiny and more sophisticated equipment; and the need to deliver blockbuster products and push value to stakeholders. With Scitara DLX™, our vision has been to embrace the diversity in today’s laboratory, enable universal connectivity so no instrument or application is left behind, and ensure seamless integration across best-of-breed solutions. By providing, for the first time, a cloud-native platform for seamless data access and connectivity and easily configurable routine and complex workflows in a scientific laboratory, scientists can not only free up more time for science, but also leverage AI/ML techniques, data analytics, and decision-making tools, to more effectively develop life-saving therapies, novel biologics and vaccines.”

The Scitara DLX™ platform delivers best-in-class integration capabilities, redefines the overall lab integration framework, and makes automation and data exchange possible where it was not possible before. The last mile in laboratory digital transformation is finally in sight with:

  • Unparalleled data connectivity in scientific laboratories – our advanced connector technology ensures no data, device instrument, application, or web service is left behind​, including older, non-PC and PC based devices that can be interfaced using our unique IoT interface.
  • Unrivaled automation of laboratory workflows – with our powerful and easy to use orchestration engine, the majority of routine, complex, and repetitive tasks can be automated, along with intelligent user notifications and remote working capabilities.
  • Unprecedented insights into laboratory and scientific operations – our monitoring system ensures every data transaction in the lab is captured, creating a trusted digital trail available for further analysis and decision making.

“Our goal is to enable modern, plug-and-play connectivity for any laboratory device, application or service using the Scitara DLX™ backbone to engage in multi-directional data exchange at will,” said Geoff Gerhardt, CTO of Scitara. “We have created an open system that ensures equal advantage to every connection on the DLX™ platform, enabling instrument and application vendors as well as customers to have access to hundreds of available connectors and out-of-the-box orchestrations or utilize our tools to write their own Connectors and Orchestrations for use within the Scitara DLX™ platform. Our scalable SaaS offering makes it possible for the smallest of labs to the largest of scientific enterprises to easily afford and adopt our platform.”

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