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Sonrava Health to Include the PreTRM® Test in Its Employee Maternity Benefits Package in Collaboration with Cerebrae and Sera Prognostics

The value created by applying Sera's PreTRM® test and treat strategy enables savings to be shared in an innovative value-based paradigm

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Imago BioSciences Announces First Participant Dosed in Investigator-Sponsored Phase 1 Study of Bomedemstat in Combination with Venetoclax in Relapsed/Refractory Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Venetoclax is a BCL-2 inhibitor approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treatment of several hematologic cancers, including in combination with azacytidine for elderly patients with AML unable to tolerate the standard of care.

Acer Therapeutics Announces $1.5M Private Placement

The proceeds from the private placement will be used by Acer Therapeutics for working capital and general corporate purposes and, together with Acer’s existing cash and cash equivalents, are expected to be sufficient to fund the Company’s anticipated operating and capital requirements through the fourth quarter of 2022.

AC Immune’s Alzheimer’s Disease Vaccine-candidate ACI-35.030 Selected for Further Development

Dr. Andrea Pfeifer, CEO of AC Immune SA, commented: “The selection of ACI-35.030 for further development is a significant step for this collaboration. Early clinical testing showed that ACI-35.030 was generally well tolerated and induced specific activity against the pathological species of Tau, including the neurotoxic pTau and enriched paired helical filaments (ePHF) species, both of which are closely implicated in Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

TransCode Therapeutics Announces eIND Submission to US FDA for Planned First-in-Human Clinical Trial in Patients with Advanced Solid Tumors

The planned clinical trial is to evaluate TransCode’s lead therapeutic candidate, TTX-MC138, in cancer patients with advanced solid tumors. ​TTX-MC138 is designed to inhibit the pro-metastatic RNA, microRNA-10b, described as the master regulator of metastasis in a number of advanced solid tumors. TransCode Therapeutics believes that TTX-MC138 could be used as a treatment for many of these cancers.

Sera Prognostics Inc., The Pregnancy Company® (NASDAQ: SERA), focused on improving maternal and neonatal health by providing innovative pregnancy biomarker information to doctors and patients, Sonrava Health, a national family of health and wellness companies, and Cerebrae, an innovator in pricing and measuring the financial value of care, are collaborating to provide Sera’s PreTRM® Test to members of Sonrava Health’s employer-sponsored health insurance program.

The PreTRM® Test is the only broadly clinically validated, commercially available blood test that provides an early, individual risk assessment for spontaneous preterm birth in asymptomatic, singleton pregnancies. Sera’s PreTRM® Test identifies nearly 90% of pregnancies where spontaneous preterm deliveries will occur, enabling earlier proactive intervention designed to improve the well-being of mothers and babies.

Sonrava Health partners with Cerebrae to evaluate and design their value-based employee healthcare benefits offering. Cerebrae has developed a technology platform that leverages actuarial and data science to accurately forecast financial risk and monitor a healthcare solution’s performance. The Cerebrae Platform provides actuarially rigorous risk management capabilities enabling participants it collaborates with, in the healthcare ecosystem, to confidently enter into a value-based arrangement. Using the Cerebrae Platform, Sonrava Health was able to forecast the financial return on investment (ROI) that inclusion of the PreTRM® Test is expected to provide its employees and their growing families.

“Employers who provide health benefits to their employees struggle to implement programs that address important healthcare challenges in a financially sustainable manner,” said Gregory C. Critchfield, MD, MS, Chairman and CEO of Sera Prognostics. “The collaboration announced today is an important and exemplary model of achieving these critical objectives. Sonrava Health takes a value-based approach to its employer-sponsored health insurance plan and seeks to ensure accountability for the outcomes provided by its offered services. We are pleased to see that rigorous, third-party analysis by Cerebrae supports the inclusion of the PreTRM® Test into Sonrava Health’s maternity benefits. Sonrava Health’s value-based innovation approach is to provide PreTRM® testing to improve outcomes for pregnant women and their babies.”

Data published in ClinicoEconomics and Outcomes Research ( in September 2021 demonstrated that the PreTRM® strategy, consisting of testing and proactive, evidence-based interventions, showed both improved neonatal outcomes and reduced immediate and long-term treatment costs associated with premature birth when compared to routine care.

“Our oral healthcare and orthodontics practices are driven by evolving data and dental technologies, and we value data and innovation in all aspects of our organization,” said Kevin Simes, Director, Total Rewards at Western Dental & Orthodontics, a member of the Sonrava Health family of wellness companies. “The data and rigorous analytics that Cerebrae provides enable us to provide new health insurance services and benefits to our employees with high confidence that we will see an excellent ROI. We are proud to add the PreTRM® Test to our comprehensive maternity benefits package and remain committed to helping our employees achieve optimum health outcomes for themselves and their families.”

“Cerebrae was established to transform next-generation actuarial science into actionable intelligence that providers, employers, and payers can use to project financial risk and monitor performance of healthcare services and strategies,” said Frank Cheung, FSA, MAAA, Chief Executive Officer of Cerebrae. “Sonrava Health’s approach to designing and evolving its employer-sponsored health insurance plan is grounded in a commitment to identifying and incorporating value-based strategies to improve employee health while reducing costs. Our analysis forecasts cost savings given the projected clinical impact of the PreTRM® Test, and through Cerebrae as an independent, trusted intermediary, Sonrava Health was able to determine Sera Prognostics as a provider that can drive the most clinical value for its employees and financial value for its company.”

The PreTRM® Test was developed and validated for prediction of spontaneous preterm birth (sPTB) broadly in the U.S. in the Proteomic Assessment of Preterm Risk (PAPR) study. In a subsequent large prospective U.S. study, the Multicenter Assessment of a Spontaneous Preterm Birth Risk Predictor (TREETOP), the biomarkers were demonstrated to be predictive of very early preterm birth of any cause, length of neonatal hospital stay, and neonatal morbidity and mortality. Additional new data published in May 2022 showed improved PreTRM® Test predictive performance for women whose due dates are more reliably determined by ultrasound.

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