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STIMULAN® Data Presented at the MSIS 31st Annual Open Scientific Meeting 2021

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Biocomposites, an international medical devices company that engineers, manufactures, and markets world-leading products for use in infection management in bone and soft tissue, today announces the acceptance of two posters at the Musculoskeletal Infection Society’s 31st Annual Open Scientific Meeting, which is being held in Fort Lauderdale 6-7 August 2021.

The company will be sharing research findings relating to the antimicrobial effectiveness of STIMULAN® mixed with antibiotics against multispecies biofilm.

The two in-vitro studies demonstrate that STIMULAN® beads loaded with combinations of Gram-positive and Gram-negative targeting antibiotics are more effective against multispecies biofilm than either of the single antibiotics alone. It also showed that STIMULAN® bead distribution plays an important role in biofilm eradication and reduction of challenging resistant variant colonies. More specifically, having two types of beads loaded with different antibiotics in close proximity increases killing efficiency and does not negatively impact the killing zone of each bead.

Paul Stoodley, Ph.D. Director, Campus Microscopy and Imaging Facility (CMIF), Professor, Departments of Microbial Infection and Immunity and Orthopedics, Infectious Diseases Institute, The Ohio State University said: “Artificial joint replacement of hips and knees is an incredibly successful surgery, restoring mobility to millions of patients suffering from diseases such as osteoarthritis or who have had damage caused by trauma. However, as with any surgical procedure, a small percentage of patients become infected with bacteria, and these infections are extremely difficult to treat. The two posters to be presented at MSIS show in the laboratory how dual therapy antibiotics released from STIMULAN® Rapid Cure can release enough concentrations around them to kill multispecies biofilms and even resistant and persistent bacteria hiding within the biofilm.”

Michael Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Biocomposites, added: “We are delighted to present our research findings at this prestigious event. Attended by leading clinicians from around the world, we are showcasing the effectiveness of our unique calcium sulfate antibiotic carrier, STIMULAN® against complex multispecies biofilm.  Biocomposites is committed to developing innovative products that improve patients’ lives and support activities to tackle the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).”

Details of the posters are listed below with links to the 31st Annual Open Scientific Meeting website.

Poster: 21-AEP-825 – Treatment of Antibiotic Resistant and Tolerant Persister and Phoenix Variants in Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms.

Author: Kelly Moore, Anthony Li, Craig Delury, Phillip Laycock, Sean Aiken, Paul Stoodley

Session: Monitor 3:

Poster: 21-AEP-840 Killing of a Multispecies Biofilm Using a Gram-Negative and Gram-Positive Targeted Antibiotic

Author: Kelly Moore, Anthony Li, Craig Delury, Phillip Laycock, Sean Aiken, Paul Stoodley

Session: Monitor 4:

STIMULAN® is used by surgeons throughout the world as part of their infection management strategy.  When mixed with antibiotics, STIMULAN® offers unrivaled flexibility to allow surgeons to use their chosen antibiotics at patient-specific concentration levels – significantly improving patient outcomes and decreasing hospital readmissions.

STIMULAN® is already used globally in over 50,000 cases every year and in thousands of hospitals around the world.

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