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Trinity Life Sciences Acquires Vancery’s Customer Research Technology

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Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences commercialization solutions, announced it signed an asset purchase agreement for the acquisition of Vancery’s customer research technology.

The investment expands Trinity’s insights and analytics product offerings, allowing the company to better connect with healthcare professionals to inform commercial strategy for its clients. The new technology will improve primary market research in the life sciences by integrating advanced research methods with an enhanced respondent experience to drive higher quality insights.

“We are thrilled to bring the sophisticated customer research technology that Vancery built to the healthcare space,” said Aparna Deshpande, PhD, Senior Partner, Insights. “Now, more than ever, payer, patient and healthcare provider research are critical in making sure treatments are available ASAP to those in need.”

Besides the technology acquisition, a team of experts from Vancery will join Trinity to continue to support and transform the software for use in healthcare.

“I am so proud of what the Vancery team has built and delighted that Trinity will bring our technology and vision to the next level,” said Gunnar Gregory, CEO, Vancery. “With Trinity, our unique technologies will help incorporate qualitative and quantitative research into their life science clients’ daily decision-making.”

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